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The Boatsafe Recreation Marine Driver Licence or Boat Licence course includes theory and practical on-water instruction. 


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Your BoatSafe Boat Licence course if a full half day course. (Theory training must have been completed before attending).



Organise for on water pre-course tuition! Not a prerequisite but is encouraged by MSQ and highly advisable and if you are new to the boating world or want to refresh your skills before the big day. Call BJL now to make a time. (Hyperlink “Call BJL now” to contact page.) We also advise downloading the latest “BoatSafe workbook” to help with your theory knowledge and understanding of the current Maritime Laws. (Hyperlink to “BoatSafe Workbook” to the workbook.

We encourage you to take some time out prior to attending our boat licence course to complete this pre-course study as it will make the written assessment on the day easier for you.



Upon arrival at your chosen location you will first complete the Maritime Safety Queensland written assessment. 100% Pass rate required to be deemed competent. Students who are unsuccessful on their first attempt will be retrained in the areas they have answered incorrectly and be provided with the opportunity to be reassessed on the incorrect questions. Students who have not achieved 100% on their second attempt must undertake further training and assessment on a different day. However, they can proceed with the practical training and assessment. With the theory to be completed at a later date.


Boatsafe boat licence

Our experienced trainers will teach you all that is required to pass your Maritime Safety Queensland Marine Driver Licence or boat licence written assessment.



During your boat licence course, you will be involved group exercises which include teaching you how to check vessel safety equipment and checking the vessel is seaworthy. Includes vital pre-launch checks to ensure a safe and
enjoyable voyage.



Students are taken out onto the water to complete practical training. Instruction will be given on all areas of practically and safely manoeuvring a boat or jet ski. You will also be trained in many extras such as “Parking 101” a great way to ensure that you never damage your pride and joy while “parking”.



Students will be assessed individually on the skills that they have just learnt and are required to possess to obtain their licence. Training and assessment components of the practical are completed separately. A student is entitled to one assessment per day. If the student is deemed not yet competent, they will be provided with feedback on their performance and will be required to rebook for further training and assessment. Students will be provided with a Practical Assessment Statement (PAS) which is to be signed by both student and trainer.
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Students will then need to attend a Department of Transport and Main Roads
(TMR) office or a QGAP office in regional areas. You will need to take your signed PAS and provide photo identification. TMR will charge a fee for processing your licence application

Language, Literacy & Numeracy Support

If any there are learning difficulties or language barriers, please call BJL to discuss options PRIOR TO ATTENDING THE COURSE. Your instructor can arrange to alternative solutions if required .