Boat Licence

what we do

The Boatsafe Recreation Marine Driver Licence or Boat Licence course includes theory and practical on-water instruction. 


boat licence

This boat licence course is a one day course, alternatively it can be split over two or more days or adjusted to meet individual needs. 


Pre-boat licence

Pre-boat licence course study is not mandatory but is available on our website if you click on “Course Study” on the top banner of each website page.  This boat licence pre-course study comprises of about 40 minutes reading with short video’s and questions at the end to test yourself.  Answers to the questions are provided to ensure you are on the right track.   We encourage you to take some time out prior to attending our boat licence course to complete this pre-course study as it will make the written assessment on the day easier for you.


vessel safety

During your boat licence course you will be involved group exercises which include checking vessel safety equipment and checking the vessel is seaworthy.


Boatsafe boat licence

Boatsafe boat licence units of competency include:

  • Trip Planning
  • Navigation
  • Weather and Tides
  • Emergencies
  • Manoeuvring

Our experienced trainers will teach you all that is required to pass your Maritime Safety Queensland Marine Driver Licence or boat licence written assessment.


theory session

After completion of the theory session you will complete a Maritime Safety Queensland written assessment as well as receive practical training and assessment on the training vessel supplied. 


vessel performing

You will be driving the vessel performing a number of basic tasks explained and demonstrated to you prior to you performing them.  If you don’t get it right the first time you will be given further opportunities to display your competency.


Statement of Competency

On successful completion of this boat licence course you would be issued with a Statement of Competency. You would need to present this document to a Queensland Transport Customer Service or Q-Gap office for issue of your licence. Country areas may need to see their courthouse or police station.


Queensland Transport office

A fee will be charged by Queensland Transport for processing your boat licence application. Your identification is required to be sighted by us and your Queensland Transport office.

Language, Literacy & Numeracy Support

If any learning or language problems exist, please discuss this with your instructor prior to the commencement of the course. 

Your instructor can arrange to conduct a verbal assessment rather than the written assessment or extra tuition if required.